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Vendée: His custard is among the top 15 best custards in France

The chocolatier from Les Sables-d'Olonne is once again making headlines thanks to one of his creations that the newspaper Le Monde particularly appreciated. Le Monde newspaper has honored him with a new award by ranking his custard among the top 15 in France.

Vendée: Vincent Vallée, the Only Frenchman Crowned World's Best Artisan Chocolatier

Vincent Vallée is the only Frenchman to have achieved the title of the world's best artisan chocolatier in 2015. He exports his expertise worldwide. A report from his hometown of Les Sables-d'Olonne.

Mag éco - Vincent Vallée

Honored as the best chocolatier in the world in 2015, Vincent Vallée has since made a name for himself in the profession and among individuals. This distinction inspired him to establish his business, and it was in Les Sables d’Olonne, his hometown, where it seemed obvious to do so. Today, his company comprises a team of 16 people. Innovative and creative, Vincent recently joined the prestigious association Relais Desserts in September 2022, marking another professional recognition for this artisan who continues to impress us.

This chocolatier from Sables-d'Olonne is ranked among the 15 best in France

According to the newspaper Le Monde, the Sablais artisan Vincent Vallée is ranked among the 15 best French chocolatiers to taste during the Salon du Chocolat in Paris from October 28 to November 1.

Vendée: the cameras of 'The best bakery in France' at the world champion of chocolate

Vincent Vallée, chocolate maker in Les Sables-d'Olonne, received a visit from the M6 program. He participates in the show as a professional to talk about his experience.

Vendée: its flan is in the top 15 of the best flans in France

The chocolate maker of Sables-d'Olonne is once again talking about him thanks to one of his creations that the newspaper Le Monde particularly appreciated.

Trade. World champion Vincent Vallée opens his chocolate factory

Back to the roots for the Sablais, crowned world champion in 2015. In November 2018, his first chocolates will be sold in his shop, next to the business incubator of the Actilonne business park.

Vincent vallée, crowned best chocolatier of the world in 2015

While French pastry intrigues as much as it excites our taste buds, no French pastry chef had obtained the title of best chocolatier in the world before Vincent Vallée. Hitherto unknown to the general public, which is why it is difficult to find information about him, he manages in 2015 to obtain the Holy Grail at the World Chocolate Masters. This competition is held every two years in Paris since 2005.

Unusual. The crush for the arrival of the best chocolatier of the world in Olonne-sur-Mer

Wake-up battle Tuesday for the opening of Vincent Vallée's store in Olonne-sur-Mer. Sacred best chocolatier of the world in 2015, he did not expect so much curiosity.

Vincent Vallée, new world chocolate champion

Unknown to the general public, the Frenchman Vincent Vallée has just won Friday, October 30, the world chocolate championship organized by Cacao Barry. « This is the first time a French chef has won the competition », said Cacao Barry, who has been organizing the World Chocolate Masters every two years since 2005 in the French capital.

Vendée. Sacred best chocolatier in the world, he moved to Les Sables-d'Olonne

Vincent Vallée, elected world champion on the occasion of the chocolate show in 2015, launches its range of small sweets. The Sablais returns to the sources and opens his shop on September 4 in Olonne-sur-Mer.

The best chocolatier in the world is French

Vincent Vallée, a Frenchman, won the world chocolate championship at the 21st Paris Chocolate Show.

Craft Vincent Vallée, the little olonnais prince of chocolate

Originally from Les Sables d'Olonne, Vincent Vallée turned his craft of chocolate into an art form. The first French winner to be the Best Artisan Chocolatier in the World, he is now internationally recognized. His background is the demonstration that training and professional learning can lead to excellence, with creativity, hard work and perseverance.